Ranking all of Sing Street's Songs

Ranking all of Sing Street's Songs

I am a masochist. I obviously love to torture myself. What other explanation could there be for this article? John Carney's Sing Street is one of my favorite movies of 2016, and the music is big reason why.

If you haven't seen the movie, stop. Stop reading this. Stop everything that you're doing and watch it. It's on Netflix. You won't appreciate this article until you watch it. I would argue that you can't fully appreciate life until you watch it.

Okay. I've done enough stalling. The time is here. Here is my ranking of Sing Street's music.

7. To Find You

This is the only easy pick. Most people probably don't even remember this one. It's unfortunate, but this is a stacked list. You had a good run To Find You, but you never had a chance.

6. Girls

I lied. There are two easy picks. Girls is great. It's catchy, but it's an opener. By the time the scene is done you've forgotten it even existed.

5. The Riddle of the Model

I'm a monster. Who am I to say The Riddle of the Model is any lesser? I am but a mortal man who sees himself fit to judge these mighty titans. This was the band's first song. It's unrefined and poppy. They're imitating Duran Duran, which, while successful, doesn't have the same impact that later songs do. It's fun, catchy, and I adore it, but I love the rest of the list more. (Nothing can beat that cowboy outfit though)

4. A Beautiful Sea

I'll admit it. This one is a personal pick. I love The Cure and this is Sing Street at peak Cure. The song gets cut off in the movie, but it's fantastic on the soundtrack. It is impossible to not smile when they clap in unison.

3. Up

I hope you're happy. This is no longer a website. It's a blood sport. How do I even justify putting Up at number three? This song is the culmination of the movie's central romance. It's much more intimate than the other songs. I love it, but the top two cannot be beaten.

2. Brown Shoes

When we're in another person's control it's the small rebellions that help. You may not be able to win but you can wear your brown shoes. This song is the culmination of the rivalry between Conor and Brother Baxter. Print out your paper mask and start dancing.

1. Drive it Like You Stole It

Finally, I can feel good about myself. Drive It Like You Stole It is not only the best song in the movie it also comes from the best scene. In fact it comes from one of the best scenes of the year. Here I was, a man in his twenties sitting alone at an 11:30 matinee unabashedly dancing in his chair. This euphoric moment in the movie makes you forget, for a moment, that it's a complete fantasy. When that fantasy comes crashing down; you feel it This is a song I've listened to over and over. It will be in every road trip playlist until the day I die.

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